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The Fur.
The Fur.是在臺灣高雄所組成的dream pop樂團,成立初期由主唱柚子(Savannah) 以及吉他手中凌(Zero)共同創作,隨後加入貝斯手唯任(Ren),於2016年夏季開始了樂團相關的活動。 歌曲主要以鼓機、合成器、電吉他,以及人聲為元素, 創造出輕鬆跳躍又難以忘懷的浪漫節奏。 樂團目前正在籌備近期的演出活動以及首張專輯的製作。 ”來不及參與夢幻年代的書呆子,戴上耳機左右搖擺。“

The Fur. is a dream pop band formed in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The band originally consists of the vocalist/guitarist Savannah and the lead guitarist Zero, later on added another member, Ren, as the bassist. The band started its activities since the season of summer, 2016. The songs feature the element of drum machine, synths, electric guitars, and vocals, which creates a easy-to-listen, catchy, and romantic figure in works. They are currently preparing their debut album and other undergoing gigs in the near future.

Belows are the links where the tracks placed online:
We Can Dance (Official Video)
Final defense (demo)