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In the world of INFERNAL CHAOS

Infernal Chaos is a Taiwanese Melodic Thrash Metal Band formed by guitarist Jesse "Black" Liu of ChthoniC in March 2004 at the time when NWOAHM was one of the biggest metal wave that is charging through the metal community over the whole world.

In 2005 Infernal Chaos self-released 2 EP [At the Gates of Chaos] and [Evil within] both EP received a huge feedback in Taiwan and Japan's underground metal scene.

Infernal Chaos at the same year toured Japan and Taiwan with Japanese Thrash Power Groove metal band [Metal Safari] and Thrash Metal band [Grim Force].

2007 Infernal Chaos self-released their first album and continue to fill in big Taiwanese music festival like Formos Festival, Spring Scream, Ultimate Festival, Whale Fight Festival and countless Live house event Including sharing stage with Swedish Melodic metal band [The Haunted] and [Inflames] during their stop in Taiwan.

After 3 years of non-stop writing and playing live shows
Jesse and the other member decide to take a break focus back to each one's life and gain more experience for the future Infernal Chaos. Jesse also get back to his position in ChthoniC to continue his Journey around the world.

In 2013 Infernal Chaos re-form to join
Megaport Festival, Formos Festival and also [As I lay Dying] Asia tour Support act, But shortly after a few shows of reunion the band stops because of Jesse's busy touring schedule with ChthoniC

2016 Infernal Chaos swap Vocalist CIG to Kenny and Drummer Shin to Yui.

Then carry 16 new songs into the studio and announce a new album call [Return of Chaos] in 2017 after 10 years!
Now let the New Chaos Begin.