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A 5-piece pop/rock band, major debut in July of 2015.Motoki Ohmori Vocals/Guitar (16yrs old at the time) wrote and took charge of all the lyrics, songs and editing/arrangements.

In April of 2018, the 3rd album “ENSEMBLE” was released and placed 3rd for the first time on the Oricon charts.

Along with the album release a nationwide tour sold out immediately (approximately 50,000 fans).

A new generation band that continues to grow with overwhelming speed.

一支5人組合的流行/搖滾樂隊,於2015年7月首次亮相。Motoki Ohmori主唱/吉他(當時16歲)編寫並負責所有歌詞,歌曲和編輯/安排。 2018年4月,發行第3張專輯“ENSEMBLE”在Oricon排行榜上獲得第3名。 隨著專輯發行,全國巡演立即售罄(約50,000名粉絲)。 是日本現代以極快速度發展中的新一代樂隊。